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PredatorPee® -Our 30th Year - Bringing Pee to the People Since 1986!


In the wild, the relationship between predator and prey defines the daily routine of wildlife in your backyard or the deepest wilderness. The predator marks its territory with urine and stalks its prey. Prey like deer, mice, squirrels etc. react to the marking scent of their predators by seeking to avoid those predators at all costs. It is the law of the wild. In this life and death game of hide and seek, the scent of urine is often the only warning a prey has that a predator is nearby. By stimulating that powerful genetic fear reaction, Predator Urine is the best way to keep unwanted animals away and out of your yard. Nature's own repellent!
Wolf Urine for Coyote Problem - See What Actress Krysten Ritter had to say on Conan about PredatorPee

Pick your Pest: Deer - Coyotes - Foxes - Skunk - Raccoons, - Possum -Bobcats - Wild Boar, - Javelina, - Feral Pigs - Moles, Voles - Ground Hogs, Gophers, Woodchucks, Marmots - Rats, - Roof Rats, - Norway Rats - Armadillos - Squirrels, - Chipmunks - Rabbits,  - Hare - Moose, - Elk,  - Mule Deer - Geese, Birds,  - Turkeys, Ducks - Weasels - Cats, - Feral Cats - Porcupines  - Dogs - Mice Pick Your Pest:
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Pick Your Problem:
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Pick Your Product: Coyote Urine - Wolf Urine - Fox Urine - Bobcat Urine - Mt . Lion Urine - Fisher Urine - Bear Urine - Skunk'Um - Hawk Protection

Frequently Asked Questions:
How do you collect the Pee?
Can you use PredatorPee indoors or in vehicles?
Pick Your Problem: Wire Chewing in Cars, RV's, Boats, Antique Vehicles - Protection for Free Range Chickens - Chicken Coop Protection - Indoor Protection in Houses, Attics, Basements, Garages, Sheds, Warehouses - Large Area Protection for Farms & Ranches - Lawn Protection Against Digging Critters - Container Gardens - Flower & Vegetable Gardens
Pet Training


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Using our 12 or 16 oz PredatorPee liquid with ScentTags, or 33Day Dispensers every 10-12' you create a "pee-rimeter"
predator urine scent tagspredator urine dispenser vials
around the area you want to protect much in the same way a predator marks its territory in the wild. The scent ring of PredatorPee sends a strong message to animal pests that their worst predator is nearby...and they're outa here! You put that instinct to work for you in your yard, home, garden, chicken coops and even your boat, rv, car or truck. You "mark" the territory just like a predator does in the wild.
Whether you spell it repellant or repellent, Predator Pee is the first choice for all natural organic pest control. Why Predator Urine? Because coyotes, deer, mice, rats and other animals are causing great damage to homes, attics, basements, cars, RV's, gardens, shrubs and trees everywhere. They ruin lawns, they destroy gardens, trees and shrubs, they chew wires, they infest basements and attics, they threaten dogs and cats. Predator Urine is the solution. For over 30 years we have been bringing Coyote, Fox, Bobcat, Mountain Lion, Fisher Cat, Bear and Wolf urine to people with animal pest problems.. When you wonder about how to deal with a problem like deer or coyotes in your yard,
Predator Urine stops the problem. They fear a predator is nearby and they leave. It is as simple as that.
Just Click on the Pee or The Pest and we'll take you to just what you need!

Questions? Ask The PeeMan - He answers fast!
Coyote Urine - Wolf Urine - Fox Urine - Bobcat Urine - Mt. Lion Urine - Fisher Urine - Bear Urine
"...After we bought your WolfPee last year, we did not have any problems with coyotes whatsoever and we thank you for that. New year and we have three cats we must protect.  I thank you & will place my large order soon... "   Margery
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Pick Your Style and Size: Coyote Urine - Wolf Urine - Fox Urine - Bobcat Urine - Mt . Lion Urine - Fisher Urine - Bear Urine available in New Giant 320 ounce Combo -12 ounce Squeeze Bottle - 16 ounce Trigger Spray - ScentTags - 33Day Dispensers -20 ounce YardCover Granules - Pee-Shots for Wire Chewing Prevention in Cars - Save Big with Mix n' Match 3, 6 & 12+ Combos  

"My housemate goes online and discovers the PredatorPee website. The website says that mountain lion pee is guaranteed to drive off javalinas, as well as wild boar. I immediately place an order online....Several months later, I can report that no plant-plundering pigs have returned to my property. Elated with success!" Gabriela

hi, i wasn't sure if coyote pee would work as i'm sure my 'coons have never seen a coyote. you said it was genetic response to the smell and should work. it did. so, it's time to get some more. dan kunz

."I have so far used a product of yours called BobcatPee and have found this use very much satisfactory." R. Giffen

“I recently ordered FOX urine for a squirrel problem. This is our third shipment and the FOX urine has been extremely successful in dealing with the problem.” Genevieve

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predator urine
Discover Magazine says PredatorPee Scares the Pee out of Mice & Rats I
Whether you spell it repellant or repellent, Predator Pee is the first choice for all natural organic pest control. Find the solution to mice, rat, rodent problems inside and out. And cars, RV's, and boats too. Critter damage to wiring and upholstery can cost $1000's to repair! Deer, rabbits, raccoons, ground hogs, porcupines, squirrels? Our wild animal urine is the answer. It is time to stop relying on chemical repellents, and go with all organic, natural solutions that repel nature's way. Coyote, elk, beaver, wild pigs, javelina and even armadillos, there is the right predator urine for your problem. Create a "pee-rimeter" that is like a liquid fence around your yard, garden, plants, vegetables and shrubs with Coyote Urine, Fox Urine, Bobcat Urine, Mt Lion Urine, Wolf Urine, Fisher Urine, and Bear Urine. PredatorPee brand Predator Urine is guaranteed to keep all wild critters like deer off your yard and garden without resorting to harsh chemicals, hot wax or any other toxic formulations that critters figure out quickly. The genetic fear of the predator works every time! And don't forget Dog Training- Use Predator Urine to train your dog where to go!
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stuff? The Real Truth and the "Unreal" Truth


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